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  • Any Ridge Implant Placement and GBR with..

    Surgical Procedure of Any Ridge Implant Placement and guided bone regeneration with xenograft materials and i-Gen membrane.Socket shield technique application and sinus lift. 

    Presented By : Miguel Stanley

    Hit : 1279

  • AnyRidge Implant Placement with Bone Reg..

    Case from 2016.

    Presented By : Miguel Stanley

    Hit : 642

  • Soft tissue loves Anyridge

    Soft tissue loves AnyRidge - Dr. Andres Paraud Freixas

    Presented By : Dr. Andres Paraud Freixas

    Hit : 407

  • Delayed Anterior Implant, Placement With..

    The  38 years old healthy male patient is referred implant placement on tooth 11, Clinical examination shows healthy dentition and only an horizontal and vertical defect on tooth number 11 due a trauma followed by a "regular" extraction without any cost preservation. X-rays confirm an important defect (class 3 Siebert). During the surgery, it appears that the bone defect was less important than what shown on the X-rays.Still under healing period, the prosthetic phase will be posted once done.

    Presented By : Skander Chelli

    Hit : 400

  • Anyridge Implant placement following a d..

    A patient came to the office with a lesion on the 15. We decided to rehabilitate #15 and #16 with Megagen Anyridge implants, applying ozonetherapy, osseodensification using Versah burs, and bone regeneration applying Gen-Os bone graft mixed with i-PRF and a-PRF plug and membrane. We also followed a prosthetic digital rehabilitation protocol using the CS3600 intraoral scanner. This case is not finished yet. As you can see, a PMMA provisional bridge was placed. 

    Presented By : Miguel Stanley

    Hit : 410

  • Anyridge implant placement with guided b..

    Root Fracture#11  Implant placement #11 Guided bone regeneration  PRF (i-PRF; A-PRF) Provisional immediate composite crown #11 Final ceramic crown #11

    Presented By : Miguel Stanley

    Hit : 415

  • Immediate implant placement after teeth..

    Immediate implant placement  after teeth extractions #34 #35. At the initial intraoral xray we saw a decay under the crown of tooth #35. After clinical examination the patient also had a infection on apical area of the #34 #35. The patient was sent for a CBCT and we can see the damage of the bone near to the alveolar nerve.  The treatment plan was to extract the two teeth and remove all the debris of the area. We used bone graft MEGA TCP plus A-PRF for bone regeneration. We placed the bone graft at the bottom of the socket in order to prevent contact of the implant with the alvoeral nerve. We take advantage the knife type threads and the design of the AR in order to take initial stability for the implants.


    Hit : 1393

  • Bone Regeneration and Implant Placement

    Patient came with panoramic x-ray that we could recognize bone defect at are #16 and decay on #17. The patient went for a CBCT and we saw a huge bone loss due to a apical cyst of tooth 16. Also the #17 could not be saved. We decided to extract #16 #17, remove all the debris of apical area and the granulation tissue. We make bone regeneration  and wait for 8 months.After 8 months we took another CBCT to check the bone situation, then we decided to proceed to the restoration with Any Ridge implants.


    Hit : 1587

  • Delayed implant placement of 2 AnyRidge ..

    Delayed implant placement of 2 AnyRidge implants in the mandible with guided bone regeneration-by Dr. Irfan Abas

    Presented By : Dr. Irfan - Abas

    Hit : 3046

  • single tooth replacement utilizing denta..

    A 36-year-old female patient presented to our private practice in Milan for the replacement of her tooth 2.5 (the tooth had been avulsed 2 year before in an other dental clinic). Replacing the tooth with a dental implant was the best solution in this case. To evaluate the bone volume an OPT and a CT were performed. The bone volume was good and bone regeneration wasn't necessary.Periodontal evaluation revealed no signs of inflammation or active periodontal disease. The biotype was thick.We decide for a standard procedure (submerged healing) with a delay prosthetic loading with a cemented crown (performed after 5 months from implant placement).The measures performed at prosthetic loading and after 1 year revealed no loss of peri-implant bone.No complications occurred during the follow-up period.

    Presented By : Tommaso Anello

    Hit : 2785

  • i-Gen Clinical Case Report by Dr. Irfan ..

    Guided Bone Regeneration; by the use of a bovine bone xenograft (Mega-Oss) and a titanium mesh (I-Gen) in combination with a MegaGen AnyRidge Implant

    Presented By : Dr. Irfan Abas

    Hit : 2194