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Internal Sinus Lift & AnyRidge Dental Implants
Internal Sinus Lift & AnyRidge Dental Implants
Writer Kuljeet MEHTA-Periodontist Date 2019-06-17
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- Bone grafting
- Implant placement
- Sinus
- Treatment planning

In this clinical surgical technique video, Dr kuljeet Mehta-Periodontist demonstrates  upper right 2nd molar was extracted due to caries. Two AnyRidge implants were placed on the upper right 1st molar and 2nd molar with internal sinus lift and guided bony regeneration. After 3 months restored with screw retained zirconia crowns. Dr Kuljeet MEHTA-Specialist in Periodontics, FDS RCS (Eng), M. Clin. Dent Periodontics (University of London), MRD (Perio) RCS (Ed). Www. kmperio.co.uk

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